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This Month: White in Winter


Lolo Jones Praises God at Winter Olympics

by Graceful Chic

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“Thanking God for this opportunity. I didn’t make my first Olympic team and now God had blessed me and given me a third Olympic Games experience. I can only say hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Blessings to my other USA Teammates Lauryn and Elana … and Jaimie and Aja at third. Praying that Lauryn and Elana break history tonight and inspire the world!”

- Lolo Jones Facebook message during Winter games.

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While Jones did not win a medal, her teammates Lauryn Williams and Elena Meyers went on to win silver; and Jamie Greubel and Aja Evens took home the bronze medal in the Bobsled competition.


Lolo Jones Praises God at Winter Olympics


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