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Angelina Jolie Goes Without Make Up, Talks Inner Beauty

by Graceful Chic

Inside Cover Angelina Jolie No Make Up

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a regular person. So many girls look up to me.” That is Angelina Jolie baring her plain face without any make-up and along with a message of encouragement on her Facebook account a few days ago. She goes on to encourage her followers to value inner beauty more than outer appearance.

inside image Angelina Jolie No Make up

Jolie’s Facebook picture without make-up

We are genuinely inspired by celebrities who preach the message of accepting and loving who you are. What they say has more impact and touches far too many people. In May 2013, Jolie significantly influenced the conversation about breast cancer when she made an announcement of her double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Talking about inner beauty, she goes on to say “I want them to know that natural is beautiful. They aren’t fully aware of the fact that behind the looks there are a lot of designers, make up artists, and photoshop editing. Celebrities whole sense of beauty bulgarian beauty – is flawed. You should be care free. Love the real you. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s whats on the inside that counts. At 40 now I’m beginning to accept who I am. I have flaws and that’s okay. I’m proud of all the women who are brave and real and can say that they are enough and beautiful just the way they are! I hope you spread the message and let the world know that you value inner beauty more than the outer appearance.”

Angelina Jolie Goes Without Make Up, Talks Inner Beauty


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