6 Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Light Shimmer

1. Celebrities have been using this trick for years. Use a light colored shimmer eyeshadow and apply it in the corners of your eyes. It will make your face appear brighter and make your eyes pop.

Polka Dot Nails

2. Love the fancy nail art but don’t have the time? Here’s an easy trick to get a cute polka dot look: Paint your nails your favorite shade. Once they are completely dry, top with the ventilation hole part of a Band-Aid. Using another — lighter — color, paint over the Band-Aid with a light coat. Instant polka dot art.

Removing Gliter From Nails

3. If you love glitter polish but hate how hard it is to remove it, try applying a cotton ball soaked in polish remover over the nail and then wrapping it in tin foil. Leave it on for roughly five minutes and you’ll be amazed how easily the glitter goes.

blow dryer

4. You might have picked up this trick from your salon, but it’s a good one. Always finish blowdrying your hair by switching the setting to cool. It sets your style and tames frizzies.

Eyebrow brush plus hairspray

5. Another way to tame flyaway hair or frizzies is to spray your eyebrow comb with hairspray and use it to comb the out of control hairs.

Brown Liner

6. Want to take years off your life, or at least look like you have? Swap out your black eyeliner for something less harsh, like brown. And soften it by smudging it with a Q-tip.


6 Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know By Lisa Costantini



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