Our 6 Favorite Beauty Vloggers

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By Lisa Costantini

We love a step-by-step tutorial as much as the next person, but sometimes seeing is believing, right? And YouTube is the best place for that. If you’ve ever wanted to perfect the smokey eye, or saw a hairstyle you didn’t think you’d ever be able to recreate, here are 6 vloggers (also known as video bloggers) who teach you all the tricks of the beauty trade. And all you have to do is watch and learn.


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Luxy Hair 
Hair, hair and more hair. This YouTube channel (hosted by Mimi and her sister Leyla) shows you quick and easy hair tutorials that start as basic as braids and get as fancy as updos perfect for the day you say I Do. The videos are short and simple with the hardest thing being which hairstyle you’ll want to try first.  Luxy Hair youtube.com/channel/

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Nikki Phillippi 
Nikki is a typical girl — she loves all things girly and loves to chat about it all. Her YouTube channel is a place where you can go for just about anything: watch how she styles her hair as she gets ready to go out, hear her talk about how to be happy and sing along as the music lover films a music video (with all sales from the single going to The Dream Center, whose purpose is to reconnect isolated people to God and provide them support). Nikki Phillippi youtube.com/channel/


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Kandee Johnson
Despite not having the easiest life, makeup artist and beauty expert Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel is all about having fun and putting a smile on someone else’s face. Her videos are uplifting and show you step-by-step how to be the best possible you — whether that’s seven steps to a flawless face or how to look younger with just makeup. And the best part is she shows you tips and tricks that you’ll actually use!  Kandee Johnson-youtube.com/channel/

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These two British sisters, Nic (a mom and makeup artist) and her older sister (and fellow makeup artist) Sam show you the basics like smokey eyes and how to apply fake lashes, but they will be your go-to site in October. This dynamic duo has great makeup ideas for Halloween and if you’re dressing up as your favorite celebrity, they have the steps for how to achieve the look of just about every one. Pixiwoo-youtube.com/channel/


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Tracy Campoli
With video tutorials like “Five-minute fat blast” and “ab workout from bed,” lifestyle and wellness coach Tracy Campoli is all about making your life easier. This peppy and petite blonde will have you working out with a smile on your face. Who even knew that was possible?  Tracy Campoli-youtube.com/channel/

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Tone It Up 
Fitness friends Karena and Katrina started getting attention when their YouTube channel hit over 1 million subscribers and it wasn’t long before they had their own fitness-based reality show. Now the two are continuing to do what they do best — showing us how to tone up. With their tutorials on all things abs and arms (not to mention total body) you’ll be ready for summer before you know it! Tone it up-youtube.com/channel/

Cover image courtesy glomour.com & Kandee Johnson

Video Channel Links

1. Luxy Hair Luxy Hair youtube.com/channel/

2. Nikki Phillippi Nikki Phillippi youtube.com/channel/

3. Kandee Johnson Kandee Johnson-youtube.com/channel/

4. Pixiwoo Pixiwoo-youtube.com/channel/

5. Tracy Campoli Tracy Campoli-youtube.com/channel/

6. Karena and Katrina Tone it up-youtube.com/channel/


Our 6 Favorite Beauty Vloggers

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