Natalie Grant Produces Film on Human Trafficking in America

In Plain Sight Inside Cover
By Samantha Davis

The phrase “human trafficking” is not foreign to many of us, but our perception of this multibillion-dollar underground industry is. When you hear the term “human trafficking,” do you imagine the people it affects in Thailand or Europe? Do you picture the red light district in Sri Lanka or prostitution in Amsterdam?

It seems so distant and far away, doesn’t it? Just like the Taken movie series, it’s all happening “over there” and we are nearly helpless to stop it, right? You would be wrong.

Here’s something that will rock your world as it did mine: over 80% of the victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases in this country in 2011 were American citizens. They weren’t women from other countries lured to America. They were American girls, an average age of 12 to 14. Some barely even teenagers.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking exists in cities all over our country, not just New York or Las Vegas. Brothels are disguised as massage parlors, escort services, and tucked away in truck stops, motels, and residences in towns all over America.

The chances are, you had no idea that human trafficking hit so close to home. And chances are, your friends and coworkers don’t know either. It’s happening in our backyard. And until we begin to recognize the rampancy of this issue, it cannot be rectified.

So Natalie Grant and some very talented friends decided to do something about it by building awareness that this is not just an international issue. The film In Plain Sight emerged. The documentary film follows the lives of six women in America, modern-day abolitionists, who are fighting to rescue our girls from prostitution and bring hope and redemption to the cause.

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In Plain Sight was released on December 23, with screenings taking place this month — perfect timing for January 11th, National Human Trafficking Awareness day and the whole month of January, dedicated as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The film features engaging interviews with numerous victims and tells the story of hope and redemption. What’s unique about the film, is that it was created for people of all faiths or no faith, and is not over-sexualized for shock value. Rather, it focuses on the hope and journey that the six featured women have taken to bring healing to the lives of survivors.

This cause is crucial. It effects the lives of our daughters, our sisters, our friends, the women in our own community.
Before you do anything else, go to the website for In Plain Sight. Watch the trailer. Share your thoughts on Facebook. Check out the Resources. Start conversations with others. Email this article to your friends. You can even host a screening for In Plain Sight in your community.

All of the abolitionists featured in the movie are women. Women like you who heard the cause and decided to do something to change the present reality for girls in America. If you’re struck with this news the way we are, share it. Learn more. And learn how you can help to spread awareness. The resources are here.

The world and our country need to see that slavery is not over. The time is now. We can all be abolitionists.

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Natalie Grant Produces Film on Human Trafficking in America

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