See Why Taylor Swift Has Us In Tears

Taylor Swift Inside Cover
By Samantha Davis

If you haven’t seen this yet, you will cry.

I’m not sure that I need to list all the accolades to remind you that 2014 was a really big year to be Taylor Swift. But to date, TSwift managed to outdo herself as the nicest celebrity ever when videos started overtaking the internet as fans (lovingly called Swifties) across the country received personalized gifts from the singer herself.

TS wrapping 2 inside

“This package is for Mallory,” Swift says, bent over boxes as she wraps presents in her home, bubble wraps them, and packs them into boxes for her fans.

TS wrapping paper inside image

She even makes a home delivery to visit the little boy of a fan she’s met before.

TS car inside

Girls all over the country recorded their reactions to these exceptionally personalized gifts and I’m pretty sure most of them can summarize in two words how the experience made them feel. “Life. Made.”

TS inside image 3

What a remarkable way for someone as elevated in the public eye as Taylor to connect so personally with her fans. Music aside, she goes down in history for living in a way that loves those who love her.

TS montage inside

Make sure you watch the video. It’s great.

See Why Taylor Swift Has Us In Tears

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