You Are Your Own Brand Says Kathy Ireland

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At the 2014 gathering of Dermatologists,  supermodel and business mogul Kathy Ireland declared that “Everyone, whether we like it or not, is a brand, and every experience with us is a lasting brand experience. The question is what kind of brand are we? Do we bring value and creativity; do we anticipate what our clients, our customers, are needing? Or are we cranky and complicated, bringing our drama with us wherever we go?”

She went on to say, “I encourage you to please don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you or your circumstances define or destroy you. Don’t let anyone put you in a box. If we had listened to the naysayers early on, our business would have never gotten off the ground.”

To that end it is important to stay positive, “One of the greatest gifts of my long-ago modeling career was all the rejections. When people slam doors in our faces, they say no, but at least now we’re talking. I’ll come back tomorrow. Maybe your circumstances will have changed, maybe you’ll be in a better mood.”

The 51-year-old outspoken Christian has put her own advice to use.  In 2004, Forbes magazine described Ireland as a “prototype for model-turned-mogul.  She currently oversees an estimated $2 billion retail empire.


You Are Your Own Brand Says Kathy Ireland

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