Neon Color This Summer

By Erica Cho

Neons are in! And if the thought of wearing one neon color gives you a heart attack, do not fear. Wearing neon on neon is not just a no-no, but very much encouraged! New York Fashion Week’s spring 2012 presentations had neon all over the runway, and no neon color combination was overlooked.

For those of you who want to “dip your feet” in the neon trend pool, you don’t have to go full neon. Try wearing one neon color with a subtle hue, such as neutrals, white, and black. Give your everyday “normal” outfit an instant makeover with a neon blazer.  Or start really small. Throw on a pop of neon here and there with a neon bangle or belt. We have also seen the number of neon-clad women wearing gold shoes on the rise.

Now I can’t guarantee the longevity of this trend. All of us neon-lovers could go from looking brilliant to awkwardly resembling the cast of “Saved by the Bell.” Yet, I must admit that seeing these colors makes me feel as if summer crept up on spring a little early. And when I see someone wearing neon with confidence, I nod my head in approval…because anyone who can pull that off is definitely having fun in life.

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