Statement Making Pieces

Your sense of style, whether you intend it or not, is a message to the world. Clothing, shoes, or accessories -who you are can be portrayed by a simple piece.  For women of faith, the ability to express your faith without having to a say a word is simple: jewelry. Often a conversation starter, wearing faith inspired jewelry can be the lead way to demonstrating the inexpressible value of having a relationship with God.

Here is some of our favorite statement making pieces!

Statement Jewelry 2


Dangling Cross Bracelet; $6;

Silver Cross Bracelet; $39;

Tribal Cross Bracelet; $6;

Double Cross Bracelet; $11;

Multi Stone Cross Bracelet; $15;

Statement Jewelry 3


Platinum Cross Ring; $128;

Silver Cross Ring; $185;

Chain Cross Ring; $25;

Turquoise Cross Ring; $5;

Side Cross Ring; $68;

Statement jewelry 4


Gold Cross Necklace; $50;

Long Silver Cross Necklace; $198;

Flower Cross Necklace; $215;

Long Gold Cross Necklace; $220;

Multi-Chain Cross Necklace; $11;


By Arriel Ginter

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