Charlotte Tidwell Uses Her Pension to Feed Thousands

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She serves up to half a million free meals a year or 7000 people a month in Fort Smith, Ark. Charlotte Tidwell, 69, a retired nurse and a widow works six day a week to run a food bank and feed the hungry. She even uses her own retirement money to fund this operation. Her organization is called Antioch Consolidated Association for Youth and Family.

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Raised in poverty, Tidwell knows all about going hungry. She learned from her mother to serve others, “I have an obligation to serve them, to serve them in a compassionate, respectful way” she says on an NBC Nightly News video.

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The video by National Geographic Magazine on ‘Hunger in America’ follows Tidwell as she selects food from the food bank, loads and unloads it at her place of mission, employs volunteers to create grocery bags full of food for seniors, reloads the bags and distributes that food to seniors in low income housing in Fort Smith.

What an inspiring selfless act!

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Charlotte Tidwell Uses Her Pension to Feed Thousands

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