I'm Trapped!

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By Lynette Lewis

Isn’t this how we feel so often? I sure did yesterday.  The Sears repairman, cable guy, and fridge repairman, were all scheduled to arrive before noon. I had carefully planned them all in the morning so by noon, I’d be free as a bird to go out and conquer the city.

I waited, kept busy, looked at the clock, called at least five times, “Uh excuse me, he’s still not here.” Mr. Sears, where are you?!!”

It felt just like this for years in my career.  Promotions promised. Raises on the budget plan. Promises broken, bosses who left, new ones who came and didn’t have a clue about earlier promises. I felt trapped time and again.

So what do you do in those seasons or places when all you want is out?

You maximize the time. Like I was “forced” to do yesterday. I spent every hour cleaning, organizing, throwing out and moving in (to the new apt. in NYC which, thanks to Mr. Sears, is finally perfect!)

The busier we stay the faster time goes. When we stop to think that we’re still where we are and never expected to be, it can be exasperating. BUT, if we focus on progress being made in spite of the roadblocks, we gain new perspective.

Being trapped is all about a mind set anyway. Am I really being held back? Or is it my time to embrace with new reach, the unexpected gifts that come when we’re forced to stay?

I stayed at jobs that were not my call at all. Put up with mistreatment far more times that my natural propensity would ever tolerate. And these times, the frustrating ones, the moments I’d dream of escaping yet found myself staying, ended up being the most memorable and usually the most fruitful.

When Mr. Sears arrived at 5:30, the minute I opened the door I laughed and said, “I’ve been waiting for you!” profusely thanking him for not canceling, yet grateful he delayed. Because he forced me to do what I needed to do but would not have done otherwise.

So now I’m heading out for a run in the Park with that extra lilt that comes from having things in order, having done what was needed more than what was wanted, and counting the gains far more than the loss.

Whatever you feel is trapping you today, look closer, just for a minute, and recognize as you improvise, the surprise unplanned gifts that are yours. You’re not being cheated, you’re being gifted. Your supposed trap is really your treasure, and you get the prize.


Lynette Lewis is an author, business consultant and an inspiring speaker. Her popular book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, has been published in several languages receiving recognition from numerous sources including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and The Dallas Morning News.  She is also an author of a relationships book called Remember the Roseslynettelewis.com

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