Spring Cleaning & How to Achieve that Radiant Beauty

By Bess Knox

Spring has finally arrived, the sun is out, flowers are blooming and the clocks have jumped forward. The beginning of spring has long been considered the ideal time for getting organized and for giving our homes and even our closets the much needed deep scrubbing and decluttering attention they have needed. I know many of you have started shaking off the dust bunnies already and have begun your routine spring cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I know our homes and our closets need some TLC but more importantly I want to challenge you to pay attention to an often overlooked place that needs an even deeper cleaning. So roll up your sleeves, put on your gloves, and get ready to do some serious dirty work!

You see the biggest yet most hidden mess is our life plaque, all the junk that is holding us back and weighing us down like mental clutter, self limiting thoughts, unnecessary stress, and negative relationships . Isn’t it embarrassing all the stuff we accumulate over the years? What a mess! Right? Again I’m not just talking about all those sweaters you haven’t worn in 3 years although it is probably time to donate! So the first step on your journey to a cleaner healthier life must be to sweep out absolutely everything that is not working for you. Just like throwing out ill fitting or out of style clothing it is time to toss any past pain, anger, fears, and everything that drains your energy. I know this is a dirty job but I promise once these things are swept out of the way it will be surprising how much room will be made for new and exciting opportunities. In this life makeover it is key to not only remove all negative, fearful and self limiting thoughts but to also replace them with positive, grateful, and optimistic thoughts. Talk about turning heads and stopping traffic this beauty tip is sure to have nothing but outstanding results!

One of the most important aspects of life are relationships and this is also where a lot of the grimy mess will for sure be found, especially in those cob webs of avoided conversations, past hurts, disappointments, and unsaid apologies. Now is the time to clear the air, express yourself, set boundaries and make apologies where needed, and then release these thoughts and move forward. This is also a time to analyze what relationships are uplifting, empowering , and centered around love and which are draining, negative, and unhealthy. Sometimes this cleaning process may need to include a reassessment and restructuring of how and with whom you are spending your time. Time is one of the most valuable resources so make sure to make room for the things and the people you value the most even if that means having to drop a few activities or so called friends.

One of the most hidden under the rug types of life plaque is our finances. Take the time this spring to create a new budget that accurately reflects your current financial situation and includes a plan to pay down any debt. Let this spring also be a reminder to give back and enjoy the surprising rewards of contribution.

Remember any change worth making takes action and responsibility. The procrastination must stop here. This spring cleaning exercise will not only drop stress levels but will also bring a sense of self renewal and much need rejuvenation. Just like you can’t clean your house once in the spring and expect it to stay that way, or expect a closet makeover to suit you for a lifetime, the same is true for your life, thoughts, and relationships.

Bess Knox -Life Coach and President of Life Revision Coaching –www.liferevisioncoaching.com

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