The Drop Box: A Loving Story About Abandoned Babies

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In Seoul, the capital of South Korea, hundreds of infants are abandoned on the streets every year. The problem became so severe that one Korean pastor decided to take unprecedented action.

It’s a story that’s now the subject of an award-winning documentary by filmmaker Brian Ivie, which will be shown in theaters nationwide March 3-5. Please mark it on your calendar, because you and your church are going to want to see it.

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A movie scene from the movie “The Drop Box.” Pastor Lee Jong-rak picks baby from the incubator built outside his house.

After a report published several years ago in the Los Angeles Times about Pastor Lee Jong-rak’s unique solution to infant abandonment, Ivie, then a film student at the University of Southern California, raised enough money to lead a team to Seoul to capture this tiny, but inspirational ministry.

Pastor Lee Jong-rak calls it his “Drop Box.” The concept is simple. Instead of aborting or abandoning their infants, mothers who either can’t keep or don’t want their babies bring them to the wooden box affixed to Pastor Lee’s house; they say goodbye, and they shut the door. The box, which is equipped with lights and heat, has a sign in Korean, “Please don’t throw away unwanted or disabled babies, or babies of single mothers. Please bring them here instead.”

When the box opens, a bell rings and Pastor Lee, his wife, or a volunteer, comes and takes the child inside. Since Pastor Lee installed the Drop Box in 2009, as many as 18 babies a month have arrived at his home, which doubles as an orphanage. He and his wife have even adopted ten as their own — that’s the maximum number local authorities will allow.

Sometimes he speaks to mothers face-to-face. One told him she intended to poison herself and her newborn before hearing about the Drop Box. Another simply left a note, which read:

“My baby! Mom is so sorry. I am so sorry to make this decision…I hope you meet great parents… Mom loves you more than anything else. I leave you here because I don’t know who your father is. I used to think about something bad, but I guess this box is safer for you…Please forgive me.”

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Brian Ivie’s movie, aptly entitled “The Drop Box,” has already won awards at the Jubilee and Independent Christian Film festivals. And now, Focus on the Family, Pine Creek Entertainment, Kindred Image, and Fathom Events will present the movie in selected cinemas for three nights only, March 3-5.

See the movie trailer here.

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The Drop Box: A Loving Story About Abandoned Babies

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