10 Things Young Christians Like to Do For Fun

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Life doesn’t have to go dull and boring now that you have decided to be serious about God. The fact that you are not going to night clubs does not mean you can’t go out and have fun. Some people say they don’t know what to do for fun now that they are living for the Lord. So we compiled a list of 10 fun things young Christians like to do when they are free.

We also found that the main issue is to find a group of friends to have fun with. Funny as it may sound it can be hard to break into the cliques and groups of friends in the church. The easiest way to make friends is to join a smaller fellowship group within the church or to join a ministry such as ushering, technical team or even a choir if you have the skill. Long before you know, you have people who miss you if you are not around and you get invitations to that social gathering and the other.

10 fun things you can consider doing on your free time:

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1. Go to the Ballgame

Plan a trip to watch your favorite sports team. Big cities have many choices of teams. New York City for example, has the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers and NY Redbulls.

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2. Visit a Bowling Alley

It is great for a small as well as a large group. It is wholesome fun and family friendly

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3. Go to the Movies

Of course it is always good to exercise wisdom on which movie to pick. But movies are great for larger groups as well as a couple. You can always go to the cinema alone if it comes to that. Although it may be slightly expensive but Iive theatre such as Broadway shows can be a good alternative to the movies from time to time.

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4.  Hangout in the park

If you an outdoor person, picnics, playing freezby and the walks in the park can be a lot fun during summer.

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5. Check out the Local Museum

If you have appreciation for culture, history and art, museums display great collections. Many city museums offer one free entrance access a week as well as other generous discounts. Just do a little search for bargains before you make a trip.

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6. Play sports

This is healthy and it adds to your calendar of fun things to do. Consider taking up tennis, swimming,  join a local basketball team or just shoot some hoops with a bunch of friends.

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7. Go to the Beach

What is summer without a trip to the beach? Get your sunscreen ready and enjoy the time on the sand or in the water.

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8. Go to Concerts and Summer Events

In most cities various, media and cultural organizations host free concerts especially in the summer. Just search online and find out what is taking place near you. You may have an event for every single week.

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9. House parties and Get-togethers

There is always a birthday party or some private cookout. Once you are plugged into a church community you are likely to get many invitations.

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10. Visit a Restaurant

If all fails, you and your friends can always invade your favorite restaurant. While you out there, check out for establishments that have live comedy or live music.


10 Things Young Christians Like to Do For Fun

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