5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Personal Sanctuary

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By Trinity Killingsworth

There isn’t much in life that we can control, but our bedroom is absolutely something we can design, rearrange and make our own! I’ve found the overall state of my bedroom usually reflects my moods, my emotions and productivity of each day. In New York City I’ve learned how to get creative with making the little space you have appear calm, bright and open! You start and end your day there, so It’s worth investing some time in making it a sanctuary where you can rejuvenate.

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1. Remove clutter from the surfaces. Less is always more when it comes to display items around your room. With picture frames choose your most pleasant memories of you and loved ones to display in frames. Also, keep beauty products, jewelry and make-up hidden from sight using bins in the closet and bathroom or a jewelry box on your dresser.

2. Add candles. This helps decorate and create atmosphere. There are certain scents that you can choose that will help set the mood you want, whether you need citrus scents to help you wake up or a hint of lavender to help you wind down at the end of a long day.

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3. Drape a beautiful throw on the foot of the bed. This can be a splash of color, if your bedding is mostly neutral tones. It will give your bed a very elegant look, as well as comfort to take a nap or some downtime to read.

4. Add a couple lamps. Use these instead of harsh overhead lights. This will ensure that you can adjust lighting that is soft and won’t give you a headache.

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5. Put some fresh flowers and a journal by your bedside. Plants create oxygen and brings fresh beauty to any room. The journal will come in handy to pour your thoughts into when you are having trouble sleeping or to write down your dreams in the morning.

Think of your bedroom as chance to recreate the Garden of Eden. Add some beautiful soft light, water, flora and order to your own piece of personal paradise!

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5 simple ways to turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary

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