Beautiful Images From Mandela Memorial Service

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You have seen the much publicized President Obama’s infamous selfie ( below). There were many other great and beautiful images at the Mandela Memorial Service that made it such an extraordinary event. From the attendance by over 90 heads of states, to the handshake between the US and the Cuban leader Castro. Although it was pouring with rain, an estimated crowd of 50,000 filled FNB soccer arena. The mood was not somber as you would expect. It was jubilant with celebrations, singing and dancing throughout the 4 hour event. It was a wonderful send-off, worthy of an extraordinary life well lived.

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President Obama helps Danmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt with the cellphone before taking a self portrait with British Prime Minister David Cameroon.

Mandela Memorial 1

The attendance was estimated at 50,000 people

Mandela Memorial 12

The crowd responding with slogans, songs and dance

Mandela Memorial 3

The President and Michelle Obama, President and Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton arrive in South Africa on Air Force One

Mandela Memorial 4

Over 90 current heads of states were in attendance

Mandela Memorial 5

The controversial handshake between President Obama and Raul Castro. This was a first recorded handshake between two country leaders since 1959

Mandela Memorial 6

Mandela’s 2nd wife Winnie and Bishop Desmond Tutu

Mandela Memorial 7

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with South African President Jacob Zuma

Mandela Memorial 8

Celebrities were also in attendance. Bono with South African born Charlize Theron

Mandela Memorial 10

Waiting for dinner. President George and Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton joined President Obama on the Air Force One to South Africa. President Bill Clinton and President Carter who also attended the memorial service travelled separately

Mandela Memorial 9

Aboard the Air Force One to South Africa. President Bush shares his painting work

Mandela Memorial 11

President Obama speaks at the memorial service

Mandela Memorial 13

The Bush and the Clinton families

Mandela Memorial 14

Farewell Kiss


Beautiful Images From Mandela Memorial Service


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