Cat Calling: Why It Should End


Can you imagine being cat called 108 times in 10 hours? When you live in a city, it is expected to deal with cat calling on a daily basis.  Seen all over the news lately, a film crew followed a woman for 10 hours as she walked through New York City, showing how big this problem has become and how uncomfortable it can make women feel.

National newspapers write, “Sporting jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt, 24-year-old volunteer Shoshana Roberts drew repeated comments about her body during strolls around Manhattan — by guys who ranged from irritating to scary, the advocacy group said.

To shoot the video, titled “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” filmmaker Rob Bliss, strapped a hidden camera to his backpack then walked in front of the actress to record the dozens of catcalls, according to Hollaback!”

“All of these smaller comments add up, when you’re constantly bombarded throughout the day about how you look — it’s the sum of it all,” she said. “We hope people walk away with an understanding about how it feels.”

The group released the video — which was shot over several days in late September — to raise money and awareness to combat “street harassment,” said Emily May, executive director of Hollaback!.

This video’s purpose is to make people more aware of the problem, from citizens to legislators, to end harassment on the streets on a worldwide level. Thanks to this insightful video, it highlights what many women are already subjected to on a regular basis. Which begs the question, how do we put an end to this? Do we need more legislation? More education for men on the subject? Can we include it in school education? But one thing is for sure; this has gotten out of hand, and we need to do something. Please tell us what you think.

To watch the video, click here.


Cat Calling: Why It Should End

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