Cronut Craze Gets Crazier

Cro-bar 1
Cro-bars from Donut Bar, San Diego

A Map to the original Cronut and imposter faux-nuts

By Yen Shing

Do you remember what you were doing on May 10, 2013? I don’t. But I’m sure Dominique Ansel does. That was the day his bakery in soho, NYC, launched the now (in)famous Cronuts – a delicious croissant-donut hybrid, crème-filled and topped with icing. And the rest, as they say, is history. After nearly 4 months, Cronut fans are still lining up outside the bakery at 6am every morning, hoping to score 2 Cronuts per person (4 if you buy a Crolanthropy t-shirt) when the bakery opens at 8am. These celebrity pastries are made fresh daily and usually sell out by 10am.

Cronutline 1
The morning Cronut line at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery

The Cronut craze spread like wild-fire and knock-offs soon appeared everywhere around the country, even crossing over to Europe and Asia. You can now find bakeries peddling Dough’ssants, Kronuts, Cro-nots, Cro-bars and other variations in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, DC, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and of course, New York. So if you’re curious about the hype but don’t live in NYC, or can’t justify waiting in line for 3 hours, check out this Map from Thrillist for your nearest Cronut imitator. I’ve tried the Dough’ssant from Chikalicious Dessert Club and found them slightly better (airier and less sweet) than the original Cronut. Enjoy!

Cro-nots from Posh Bakery, San Francisco



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