Cute Furry and Loving The Snow

inside cover 2 Cute animals on snow

Aren’t they adorable?  While snow proved to be too much for some of us, these animals couldn’t wait to venture out and play. See the pictures of our furry friends taken from many parts of the world.

Inside image 1 Baby polar bear

1. Baby polar bear having fun at the public zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia ((Olga Maltseva/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside image 2 little dog Tess

2. Cute dog called Tess plays in snow in Bramhall Park in Stockport,  England. (Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside image 3 two horses

3. Look at these two snow loving horses play. (Thowra_uk/Flickr)

Inside image bear wakes up after hibernation

4. Wakey-wakey!  Palle-Jooseppi, a male brown bear, begins to wake up after winter hibernation at the zoo in  Ranua, Finland. (Kaisa Siren/AFP/Getty Images)

inside image 5 Panda eating bamboo

5. Enjoying eating bamboo in the snow, big panda bear Tai Shan chills at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

inside image 6 Dog snowy nose

6. Look at this guy with snow all over the nose! (Mike Tungate/Flickr)

Inside image 7 Lion walking the snow

7. Protecting his territory, a lion named Matadi walks at the zoo in the eastern German city Leipzig. (Sebastian Willnow/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside image 8 cat

8. Kitty hides under the snow. (gamppart/Flickr)

Inside image 9 Bear enjoying the sun in snow

9.  Enjoying the sun, the bear hangs out in the snow at Moscow’s zoo in Russia. (Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images)

inside image 10 Camel covered in snow

10. Camel at the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands. (Koen van Weel/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside image 11 Serbian Tiger Dragan

11. Only 4 months old, little Dragan, the Siberian tiger at the zoo in Eberswalde, Germany, on January 31, 2015. Dragan belongs to the most endangered species of the amur tigers. (Patrick Pleul/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside image 12 red panda on the tree

12. Enjoying a view from the top, a red panda sits in a snow covered tree at Chester Zoo in Chester, England. (Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images)

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Cute Furry and Loving The Snow

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