Did Christian Bale Cross Line in Calling Moses Schizophrenic?

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By Hannah Fuller

While we celebrate Hollywood’s new found love for biblical stories,  there is always a concern when the story is not biblically correct. There was backlash with the movie Noah when producers introduced too much creative liberties, and the newest biblical movie coming to theaters in December 2014 is creating similar concerns.

Christian Bale, well known for his role as Batman, has recently received criticism from the Christian community due to his bold remarks regarding his leading character of Moses in the new FOX movie Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Recently, Bale told Hollywood Reporter that he viewed Moses as “schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life.”

Additionally, Bale’s comments have sparked controversy about whether or not the film will even depict the correct Biblical story at all.  Reported by Hollywood Reporter, “film critic Peter Chattaway at multi-faith website Patheos.com, for example, seems troubled because Bale “speculates about what was going on inside Moses’ head.” He’s also bothered because director Ridley Scott told Entertainment Weekly that it’s not Moses or God who will part the Red Sea, but that it will be caused by an earthquake.”

Perhaps, based on the remarks spoken by Christian Bale, this is the actor’s attempt to create space between himself and the Christian community. So you tell us – are you still interested in seeing Exodus, or have the leading man’s comments deterred you from spending an afternoon in the theater?

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Did Christian Bale Cross the Line in Calling Moses a Schizophrenic?

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