Ever Feel Like Your Drowning in Waves of Despair?

Maui Beach

By Lynette Lewis

Watching the powerful waves on the beach in Maui last week reminded me of a time when it felt as if I was drowning in despair.

I was recovering from a heart-breaking miscarriage, dealing with grief, disappointment, and hopelessness that seemed to come over me in waves.

The waves hit at random times, threatening to drown out hope, pulling me under making it hard to breathe, gasping for even an ounce of endurance.

One day during a wave, I was crying out, “Oh Lord, help me, I’m going under again,” at which point I got a picture of His strong arms carrying me in the depths of the waters, and I heard him say, “I’ve got you.”

I imagined being pulled along by His grace, held up in a tight grasp that promised deliverance and meant I could look past the salt water tears that splashed all over my face.

Are you overcome by waves today? Hold on tight, you won’t drown and you WILL come through.



Ever Feel Like Your Drowning in Waves of Despair?



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