Fun Facts About Tim Tebow

By: Amanda Goodwin

The newest quarterback for the New York Jets, Tim Tebow, is known for exemplifying “muscular Christianity” through his faith on the field. We’ve all seen his famous prayer kneel, now called “tebowing,” but here are a few interesting facts you might not have known about the man who’s sweeping sports fans and Christians alike.

Tim Tebow Fun Facts!

1. His full name is Timothy Richard Tebow.

2. He was born August 14, 1987.

3. Tim was homeschooled until college!

4. He’s 24 and yes, single! Very open about the values of purity, Tim is remaining a virgin until marriage.

5. On his off time, Tim spends his days at children’s hospitals, praying for sick kids and filling them with hope.

6.Tim was born in Makati City in the Philippines to American parents who were Christian missionaries.

7. Tim himself was a miracle baby. Faced with the risk of life-threatening complications with childbirth, Tim’s mother disregarded the doctor’s advice and went through with the pregnancy. Maybe that’s where he gets his disregard for convention and his fighting spirit!

8. Tim spurred rampant Google searches during and after games as a response to his proliferation through eye paint. As a result, “The Tim Tebow Rule” was instated to refrain athletes from sending messages through their eye black.

9. Tim was the first college player to win the Heisman trophy as a sophomore.

10. Tim has won two national titles… so far!

Perhaps closest to his heart is the Tim Tebow Foundation. This was a dream he developed as an undergrad at University of Florida. The Foundation seeks to bring healing, faith, hope, and love to children throughout the developing world who suffer from treatable physical disabilities.

Learn more about Tim and his cause on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube or visit!

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