Government Lifts 46 Year Bible Ban in Cuba

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By Carrie Dedrick (Christian Headlines)

Bible distribution is now legal in Cuba for the first time since 1969. Charisma News reports the Castro regime had banned the practice for 46 years, but is allowing the distribution of Bible as part of an experimental program.

Ministries such as Revival Fires have already responded to the change in policy and have distributed 265,000 Bibles to Cubans. The ministry plans to send even more, with a goal of 1 million Bibles distributed.

Ministries hope that the change in policy is leading to a revival in the nation.

David Isais, of the Bible Commission of Cuba said told The Joplin GlobeĀ that the Cuban government has said the experimental program could be halted at any time.

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Government Lifts 46 Year Bible Ban in Cuba

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