Natural Toothache Remedies


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By Rachel Greene

Ouch. A sudden sharp pain in your tooth will warrant anyone’s immediate attention. But what happens when your painful toothache shows up and it’s after hours at your dentist’s office? Or your resources don’t permit you to dish out money from your already tight budget? We have searched through some of the internet’s best sources to come up with this list of natural toothache remedies:

1. Clove oil- Mix a few drops of clove essential oil with ½ teaspoon of olive oil.  Dip a cotton ball in this concoction and then hold it softly but tightly against the sore tooth or gum.  Clove oil has exceptional bacteria-killing properties and it also has a desensitizing effect, which is why it’s a longtime home treatment for a toothache.  The oil may irritate at first, but soon your tooth pain will diminish and you will feel comfort once again.

Toothache remedies

2.  Paste of powdered ginger and red (cayenne) pepper- Pour the powdered contents in a cup, then throw in a drop or two of water to create the mixture. Saturate a small ball of cotton ball with the paste and rest it on your painful tooth. (This can sting the gums, so put the cotton on the tooth only.) You can also use the spices individually as they both can help to ease tooth pain.

3. Peppermint tea Peppermint tea tastes yummy and can also have a numbing effect. Place 1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves in 1 cup boiling water and steep for 20 minutes. Once the tea cools, rinse  it around in your mouth, then spit it out or drink the tea. You can repeat as often as needed.

4. Tincture of myrrh-  The astringent results aid with irritation, and myrrh extends the additional perk of  slaying bacteria. Stew 1 teaspoon of powdered myrrh in 2 cups water for 30 minutes. Finish and let cool. Swish with 1 teaspoon of the solution in a half-cup water several times per day.

These remedies can provide temporary alleviation from pain until you can see a Dentist. We hope you are pain free soon!


Natural Toothache Remedies

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