Police Give Gifts, Not Tickets In A Christmas Stunt

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Residents in a small town in Michigan were caught off guard last week when the flashing lights of police cars brought them gifts…and we’re not talking tickets.

The police officers of Lowell, Michigan recognize that most of their interactions with the public they serve involve handing out tickets for traffic violations and learning pretty quickly if the resident was having a bad day. It was then they realized that Christmas is a great opportunity to express to the community they serve how much they care about them. “What if we could change that person’s day in real time…right now?”

So residents were pulled over for minor issues that wouldn’t normally warrant police attention and officer Scot VanSolkema started subtly asking drivers how they were doing on their Christmas presents that year. Meanwhile, on the other side of a walkie talkie, a team of shoppers would sprint to buy the exact item(s), giftwrap them, and deliver them directly to their car. You can imagine the reactions.

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Watch the video here.

In light of recent news that question the relationship between a police force and their community of service, this covert operation of local police officers to bless the residents they serve is especially endearing. It seems that the surprise gift of love and grace where it is least expected is the true act of Christmas. We want to recognize and honor the police officers of Lowell and all others who are showing an example of love and grace this season.


Police Give Gifts, not Tickets in a Christmas Stunt

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