Press Release: Inner Beauty Meets Style With The Launch Of New Fashion Magazine

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Unique publication showcases the latest in fashion while inspiring self-esteem and confidence

New York, NY – Nov. 14, 2012 – Style and fashion magazine, Graceful Chic, today announced the official launch of the publication. Packed with a combination of inspiring and thought-provoking information, the magazine has been compared to a combination of Glamour and Oprah Magazine.

Founding creator, Tulani Bungane, states, “The magazine is geared toward women who are interested in the latest in fashion and beauty, but don’t care to sift through the gossip and explicit content that some other fashion outlets provide. There are millions of women who are underserved when it comes to entertainment and culture. We want to provide modern, yet modest, content so that Graceful Chic can meet the needs of these women.”

Tailored to women seeking the latest in fashion and beauty, the magazine has a diverse range of content, including fashion features, testimonials, trends, celebrity stories, relationship and dating topics, spirituality, information on positive self image, healthy eating, physical fitness, medical health, career tips, shopping tips, inspiring stories and more.

Graceful Chic is currently being launched with an introductory price of $9.99 for an annual online subscription. Print copies will be available in the future for $4.99 per issue or $18.99 for a combination yearly print and online subscription. The 2012 fall issue features Inside Edition correspondent, Megan Alexander, and is available now at

About Graceful Chic

A magazine established to showcase fashion and inner beauty, Graceful Chic provides the latest in trends, style and culture. With an editorial team of strong, talented women, the publication is currently available electronically. For more information, visit and stay connected on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Gracefulchic.

Media Contacts:

Tulani Bungane, Graceful Chic, +1-917-651-4676

Tracy Wemett, BroadPR, +1-617-939-3631,

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