Guys Give Dating Advice To Single Women

By Lindsey Isham

When you’re not really interested, don’t try to spare his feelings. If you suspect he likes you, or he says so, be up front and firm. He’ll be better off knowing than if you let him think there’s a chance.

As for the ones that don’t take no for an answer (especially when there’s no chance you’ll change your mind) ask another guy you trust to make it clear… but only when you’ve had a firm, definitive talk first.

Also both my wife and I had a list of the things we wanted. If you don’t know what you want, how can you tell? And yes, God can give you your list, he did for both of us! – Joel

Don’t go alone if you can help it. Get a few friends together and make a double date! – Paul

Well, just like men, there are two kinds of women….players and grown-ups. If your a player….GROW-UP, and that’s all I have to say to you until you do.

If you’re a grown-up now and still looking for advice from me, I might say that you have started out correctly, so just be patient….with yourself and with your suitors.

Trust your instincts and you’ll do fine. If you start to suspect something; confront him immediately. You have GOT to be able to trust each other for there to be love. If he fails to properly expain himself after the confrontation, FLUSH him INSTANTLY…PERIOD. – Andrew

Don’t do the nervous talking thing. Even if the guy is quiet and it feels awkward, still try to step back and make him initiate some of the conversation. Show self confidence. Don’t be afraid to talk about your faith, or to ask him about his. And smile   – Aaron

Just be yourself –Bernardo

Be honest all the time and do not lead us on, we have feelings too. – Robert

Don’t be afraid to let a guy know you’re interested. You don’t have to be like “Hey, I like you” but you can at least initiate conversation. – Sam

Find a man you can trust as a real friend before you just jump in something. – Clarence

Not just out of courtesy and respect, but if you really care you will PUT THAT CELL PHONE AWAY! I hate talking to someone who has a texting/twitter/facebook addiction! – Leo

Try not to completely disregard a guy who is shy. – Michael

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