Is Mr. Right Worth It?

By Tondra Gregory, NCC, M. Ed.

We’ve all dreamed and hoped for it: Meeting Mr. Right. Who is he, how do we find him, and is he even worth the wait? Media inundates us with images and personas of Mr. Right, whether it be movies, romance novels, commercial ads, songs, and the list goes on. This is in addition to our own personal list of what we are looking for in Mr. Right.

Who is Mr. Right?

Is he real or a fantasy? I’m sure we could all pull out lists of what he must look like, how he will dress, what kind of job he will have, or how he will act or behave. But do we really know him? One thing I know about Mr. Right-he is not perfect. Perfection is an ideal, not a reality. More importantly, one should evaluate Mr. Right’s ability to see where he is wrong, his ability to empathize with you and others, his ability to seek forgiveness and to forgive, and his ability to be open to growth and change.

Where do we find Mr. Right?

He could be anywhere, even in the most unexpected places. He could be right under your nose. If you don’t learn how to truly recognize him, you may miss him. One way that will help you recognize Mr. Right is to know your own tastes and preferences and what’s important to you. But always remain open and flexible: you never know what might happen. Secondly, Mr. Right and you should share common interests, goals, and values. So the next time you are enjoying one of your favorite past times, take a look around and make a new friend.

Is Mr. Right worth the wait?

In the banking industry, employees are trained to recognize counterfeit bills. It seems obvious for banks to have employees study signs of counterfeit bills. On the contrary, the banks have the employees trained in knowing and studying aspects of actual genuine bills. The principle of the idea is that if the employees truly know the real thing, they would never accept a counterfeit.

If you truly know and understand that you are of great value and worth, then you will be far less likely to settle for anything less. Therefore, a better question would be “Are you worth the wait?” There is a wise parable that says, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” You are the fine pearl which the merchant (Mr. Right) is seeking, your price is commitment, and your love is worth the cost.

In essence, meeting “Mr. Right” is meeting the “right” person for you. Meeting the right person is more about you than him. Therefore, make sure you are growing in love and in understanding of yourself. As you become more content and enjoy your life, you will become a magnet for people who want to join in on your fun.


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