In Search for our ‘Anna Wintour’

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Just like any magazine, Graceful Chic is looking for a great editorial leader like the Vogue’s Anna Wintour. After two and half years of development, we are ready to appoint a candidate to oversee our editorial operations as the magazine begins to launch nationally.

We are searching for a female candidate who is eager to influence today’s culture with positive, entertaining and empowering news; a person with a passion for a magazine that caters to women who are serious about their faith as well as their sense of style.

Like any member of senior management, the Editor in Chief is expected to join as an equity partner. In addition to the complementary shares that come with her position, she expected also buy into the magazine by acquiring extra shares.


Responsibilities include:

1. Working with the founder to provide editorial direction in keeping with the vision of the magazine

2. Working with the Senior Editor in putting together quarterly print issues

3. Overseeing the Digital Editor in publishing online articles on daily basis

4. Overseeing the Digital Editor and social media staff in publishing daily on social media

5. Work with the creative team and designers in developing, acquiring and selecting images for publication.

6. Secure magazine stories and interviews with high profile guests

7. In addition to PR agency, be the spokesperson of the magazine on the media, in churches and other strategic organizations



1. She should be an (Evangelical) Christian

2. She should have experience in the media as a reporter, blogger or related occupation

3. She should be able to invest 15 to 20 hours a week on the job

4. She should buy into the magazine equity

5. Great contacts in the media and with celebrities is a plus


Vacancy is open immediately. While the job does not pay initially – for approximately first 3 to 6 months or until such time the magazine generate sales revenues, the Chief receives equity shares as part of compensation.

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